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DIY face mist receipies..

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Hii everyone..
This cold weather must b surely worth enjoying but it needs a lot of scin care too.. Skin usually tends to dry n become dull , dry n flaky in cold weather.. But face mist can b saving your skin from that dryness n losses but the mists we find in stores consist of alcohol n many more chemicals , while actually alcohol dehydrates your skin . N after all the harm they cause we pay them lots of bucks for the product.. So y not create our own which is natural n also pocket friendly ?? So today il b sharing two awesome DO IT YOURSELF FACE MIST RECEPIES .. 
Following are the easy handmade remedies for refreshing , moisturizing n glowing skin..


As u all no vitamin c or citrus is great for skin , it refreshens skin n make it youthful.. So y not create your own mist n carry it wherever u go for instant refreshing..

You'll need:
1 plastic spray bottle
2 Oranges
2 Lemons
1 Cup boiling water
2 Vitamin E capsules
Sieve for filtering

Here's how you do it :
1. Take a boiling water in a bowl.
2. Peel the lemon n oranges n soak the peals in the boiling water.
3. Leave it overnight.
4. The other day using sieve filter the water seperating the peels .
5. Now add the fluid from 2 vitamin E capsules into the water.
6. Stir n pour the water into the spray bottle.. 

N your mist is ready to use, u can spray it all over your face to get an instant glow n freshness for tired , dull skin.. 
Make sure u make it in small quantity to keep the freshness aliven.. 
U can store the mist into a refrigerator for more cooling affect..


This mist is great for oily breakout brone skin as it contains tea tree oil which prevents your skin from breakouts while aloe Vera gives u moisturisation..

You'll need:
2 cups of distilled water
Spray bottle 
Fresh Aloe Vera gel 2 tbspn
Rose petals or u can use rose water 
2 Vitamin E capsules
Tea tree essential oil 4-5 drops 

Here's how you do it :
1. Take a bowl n add distilled water to it.
2. If ur using rose petals boil the water n add them in it, leave it overnight n use that water with the rose petals..
3. If you are using rose water add the equal amount of distilled water into equal amount of rose water in 1:1 ratio..
4. Take fresh Aloe Vera gel n add it into the mixture of water .
5. Extract the fluid from vitamin E n add it to the mixture..
6. N finally add 4-5 drops of tea tree oil..
7. Stir the fluid n pour it into a spray bottle..

This is my favorite face mist recipe , tea tree oil not only works on your pores n lighten your marks but also gives a awesome fragrance to your mist.. Store in refrigerator n use it often..


U can use any tea of your choice accordint to your skin type.
Chamomile tea has shooting anti-inflammatory benefits, is great for brightening tired skin & dark circles around eyes.
Green tea has many anti oxidants that protects your skin , makes your skin youthful , fight acne & signs of aging .. It also refreshes your skin..

You'll need :
Distilled water 
Spray bottle 
2 green tea bags
Lavender essential oil
2 Vitamin E capsules

Here's how you do it:
1. Set your distilled water to boil.
2. Once your water has boiled seep your yea bag for about 5-10mins.
3. Let it cool down.
5. Remove the tea bags n pour the fluid into your spray bottle. (You can use those tea bags for ur dark circles now)
4. Pierce your vitamin E capsule n squeeze the liquid into the spray bottle.
5. Shake we'll n they are ready for use..

Since these mists has no preservatives these can b used for 3 weeks but I prefer to change after every 5 days for the freshness .. But it's all upto you.. You can store it in refrigerator n use it as required.. 

Hope this helped u.. If so, then show some love by liking this post.. 
Take care :)


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