Friday, 1 November 2013

Moroccan oil treatment review

Posted by Amani Zaara at 02:32
Hey guys today m gonna review a hair product which almost everybody loves .. It has created a hype over bloggers n it truly deserves it.. It is also called an miracle oil as it transfers your hair from something to everything ;)
Moroccan  oil is actually an argan oil which is derived from a Moroccan tree n argan seeds.. It's only made in Moroccan as the name suggest n so it's very expensive.. There is nothing called cheap Moroccan oil.. If u r getting it for a price value below 1500 then it cannot b pure Moroccan oil ..
So let's get started with the review..

Moroccan oil was something m craving for since months but getting it in India was a lot difficult task.. But as it has become very famous it's now available in many high end salons n spa's .. But I ordered it online coz m more of an online buyer.. :p
For all your information my hair r already very good in texture n healthy too alhamdulillah..
But after using Moroccan oil I realized my hair could b alot alot alot better.. M stunned by the change it got into my hair.
It smells gr8 but not everybody likes it smell but I do. N the cosistency is thick n that's the reason lil is more ..
Firstly my hair does not get frizzy at all.. Trust me n no matter for how long I keep my hair open it absolutely keeps my hair de tangled n frizz free. It makes them smoother silkier n shinier .. I don't Hv words for this it's truly an Miracle oil.. I highly recommend every every one..
But u need to b very careful in application n if u get wrong it might make your hair look oily.. it comes with an pump which is makes it easy to use unlike other oils. Just 1 pump is enough for middle length hair.
It should b used after shower to b applied to towel dried wet hair n then u can blow dry your hair.. Use a lil pea sized oil n rub into your palm n apply all over your hair n after drying see the astonishing results..
Moroccan oil brand actually has lots of products like a shampoo, conditioner , hair mask, styling spray n more on..
Ppl with flat thin limp fine hair can try Moroccan oil treatment in LIGHTER VERSION..

Price: 2500 for 100ml
Rating: 5


Ramya J on 31 December 2013 at 20:33 said...

wt abt hair fall.. is it works???

Amani Zaara on 31 December 2013 at 20:35 said...

Yeah it does but u need to use it regularly.. but sometimez hairfal is seasonal as ur old hair falls n new takes the plc.. its natural phenomena. .

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