Tuesday, 26 November 2013

DIY nail polish remover

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Hey everyone,

Today the I would b sharing a very good DIY idea.. I no u all love beautiful nails but removing it seems little messy.. So this tutorial will help u make your own n very convenient remover..


Things you'll need :

A plastic bottle with an air tight lid
Hard Sponge
Acetone or any liquid nail paint remover


Take the sponge n cut it to the size of the empty bottle..
Stuff the bottle with the sponge keeping a space of a pencil in the centre.
Pour the acetone or nail paint remover into the sponges.
Close the lid n shake it well
Dip your pinger in the centre n juz revolve the bottle around n pull off your nail.. Voila..!! 

Do try it n share your comments..

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel review n swatches

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Hello everyone,
I no many people love this winter season, personally my favorite as it comes with child winds n cosy weather n I love these months specially December as it is the month of my bday n also end of the year.. So month of celebrations, gives me a great feeling. Anyways let's come to the point so I love all about this winter except for the dery flaky skin.. So here's a review of a moisture drink for your skin that is Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel ..

Price: 1500/- for 50ml , 2850/- for 125ml

Product claims:

A moisture "drink" for dehydrated skin to give enough moisture.
Comes in two forms gel n lotion. Gel is for combination to oily skin type n lotion is for dry skin.
Comes in two variants. 50ml n 125ml.
Improves skin texture.
Oil free


Comes in a matte finish plastic tube which is transparent n that helps to know the quantity left in the tube. Comes with a silver rolling cap .

My take on the product:

Many people think moisturizers are not needed for oily skin as it's already oily.. But there's a lot of difference between oil n hydration.. Any skin type needs to b moisturizer for keeping skin hydrated..
But right moisturizer is the key to oily skin type. As most of the moisturizers are oily n may cause breakouts, atleast they do for me.
Since Clinique claims it's an oil free n matte finish so I decided to take a 50ml pack n test it.. It's alight weight moisturizer which spreads like a pro n little is enough for whole face.
Gives u instant moisturisation n skin feels soft n supple instantly.
I think the best moisturizer I ever used. Gives me superb moisture without giving me any shiny look.
It's total matte in few seconds but skin looks superbly soft n smooth.. I couldn't keep my hands off my skin for the first time I tried.. M in love with this product. I apply it every night n yes it keeps me shine free till morning.. It's so light weight that it can also b used as a primer under your makeup. It makes skin a smooth canvas for a perfect makeup base.. It dint cause me any breakouts. Everytime I wash my face the first thing I wanna do is just apply this moisturizer.. I just wish it was a little lesser in price.. 




Overall verdict: 

All those who want an oil free light weight moisturizer must must try this, I highly recommend this to everyone.. M madly in love with it..

Will I purchase again?? 
Yes definitely, I will for sure.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Mac prep+prime transparent finishing/pressed powder review n swatches

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Hi beauties ..

M back with a new Mac product review.. V all struggle to find a perfect compact powder for us.. Either it don't match with our foundation or our shade.. Finding perfect powder has always been a issue..
To resolve this transparent powders have been introduced.. This transparent powders can b used on any skin tones dark to light..

Price: 1550/- 6.3g

What product claims:

A colorless powder for all skin tone.
Reduces shine n controls oil.
Minimizes fine lines & imperfections.
Gives your makeup finishing look.


Packaging is definitely a thumbs up for all the Mac products.. This powder comes in a sparkly black box. The compact is a shiny black in case n also sleek n travel friendly.. It has a mirror inside. Comes with a white color pressed powder which becomes transparent after blending..

My take on the product:

At first when I saw the product by a makeup artist I was like ' WHITE POWDER ON MY FACE' ru serious??? But yes after she applied on my face n I could see a large difference.. At first I wanted to buy a much hyped mineralise skin finish powder.. But then I tried skin finish on 1 half n this on other.. N u no I've come home back with the transparent one.. Mineralise skin finish gives u a little shiny look while this is a total matte product..
This transparent powder is perfect for combination to oily skin type. As this powder controls shine n keeps your make up from caking or getting oily.. While I have a combination skin type my t-zones get oily after few hours.. This pressed powder definitely controls shine n combat oil for a long time.. 
This powder is totally invisible.. It's great for regular makeup as well as on heavy makeup.. As it gives very natural look n does not looks like u have applied anything above your foundation. It just matti files n set your foundation . It can stop u looking like a clown with a heavy coverage foundation n then powder over it, it just does not show up on your face at all. M totally impressed with this product.. 
But u need to b very careful using it.. Little is more for this powder, since it's a white translucent powder little can give u the finish. If u apply more u might end up with a white cast on your face .. So apply a very little with a large powder brush n a very light hand.. N that's it.. 

It does not have any brush.
Might b expensive but I think it's worth it.
Might give u white cast if applied more.

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall verdict:

Awesome product for all skintones splay for oily or combination type, long lasting, oil controlling, matte look, sets very fine n does not show up, gives u a very natural finish. I highly highly recommend everyone .. Best powder if come across till now.. Comes in loose powder n pressed version .

Saturday, 23 November 2013

BOURJOIS Paris intense extrait eyeshadow 07, 08 review n swatches

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Hello everyone..
Today m gonna review two eye shadows from BOURJOIS famous intense eye shadows..
As u all know m very keen on buying unique shades , these two are again unique colors for eyes.

Price:410/- for 1gm

What company claims:

Pure color
High coverage
Ultra long lasting upto 16hrs
Blends easily
Highly concentrated pigments
Great color pay off in single application
Made of mineral pigments
Parabeen free


Comes in small round pots with a sleek lid to b closed with magnetic lock.
Looks very sleek n beautiful.
Has mirror inside which is definitely useful.
The pot is in color of the shade which makes me easy to find it in my stash..

My take on the product:

These single eye shadows comes in 10 different shades numbered as 01 to 10.
I chose 07 and 08. Both of them are dramatic smokey shades..

07 is a my favorite among both..it's a cement grey shade with little chunks of golden glitter.. While glitter is very subtle n very little.. It's a great shade for smokey look n can b paired with other colors to make a soft look.. It's a very unique shade .

08 is a copper reddish brown shade which is a classic shade of Indian skin tones n looks.. It can b paired with gold n perfect for Indian weddings..looks great on brown n black eyes.

The color pay off is great n I think it fulfill all it's claims.. As they long very long without primer too. With primer it might give u more than 10hrs of stay. The coverage is great n gives enough color in one sweep. They blends very smoothly n is highly pigmented, little can go a long way. Color fallout is only in the pan not after application. They are not chalky or patchy. Can b used as wet n dry. Since the pots are sleek n the shades are pressed n baked , thus travel friendly..They are made of 87% of minerals which are very good for people with contact lenses as it may not cause any irritation, it's hypoallergenic n also Parabeen free.. 

Overall verdict:

Overall I think great shades for long lasting power n also mineral ingredients .. Great color pay off.
Yes I will buy again ..definitely intense shades. I highly recommend all.


I think little expensive for a single shade.
Fallout in pot .
Without brush. (Which I don't mind as I don't use those brushes even if provided ) 

Rating: 4/5

Monday, 18 November 2013

Colorbar matte touch lipstick & Colorbar lip definer pencil review andswatches..

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Hii everyone..
How r u guys going.. Well it'en a very tiring week for me..
We'll recently on my trip to inorbit I stopped at my favorite counter which is COLORBAR cosmetics.. I really love there products.. So this time I picked 3 lip colors n some brushes.. Il b reviewing them too very soon.. Colorbar cosmetics hold their origin from USA .. Their products are valuable n affordable.. As I wrote in my several posts dat I only use matte shades.. I don't prefer glosses n shiny lips.. While colorbar launched its recent matte collection called Colorbar matte touch lipsticks.. 
The word matte made me stop n look at their collection.. While their earlier velvette matte lipsticks where very creamy so I dint find them matte..while I looked around the shades I found this one interesting..

So let's start the review..

Colorbar matte touch lipstick in Orange blossom 026:

Price: 500/-

These lipsticks comes in a silver packaging boxes which are quite good n attractive.. The lipstick comes is in a shiny metal body in silver n ultra soft to rotate.. The packaging is very good n decent..
The color Orange Blossom is a beautiful rusty shade.. It's somewhere in between off red n orange.. I really liked the shade a lot n looks awesome on fair skin as we'll as wheatish tone ppl.. It has large shade variety about 24 shades n I found all the shades to b beautiful n new but I already had most of them so I chose this.. If u r looking for good plum shades u should definitely check this range it has lots of reds n plums.
Not all lipsticks are fully matte , some are little creamy matte but this shade is total matte n m happy about that :)
It gives great color payoff in a single swipe. The only thing I disliked about it is the price tag , which I find is expensive compared to their whole collection ...
The color being matte lasts long about 6hrs.. I think it's a great color to buy..




Now coming to the other thing i bought, 

Colorbar lip definer pencils in SIZZLING ORANGE 007 and SUMMER PINK 003:

Price:550/- for 1.14gms

These are actually lip pencils which can b used as liners as well as lip colors.. 
They come in sleek long boxes n the pencil has a sharpener at the top on the lid n the color of the pencil at its base which makes it easy to b searched in my stash..
Both of these shades are quite bright n vibrant.. Sizzling orange is a dark bright orange n Summer pink is also a bright fuchsia pink..
As these are pencils they are very matte n that makes them hard to use as the lip color.. While dis is a complain which nobody had except me so may b I Hv very dry lips ?? But I don't think so !!! I apply a transparent lip balm over my lips n then apply these. This makes them glide on smoothly over my lips.. 
The colors are gorgeous n they last pretttyyyy long.. About 8 to 9hrs..it's waterproof n even after meals u won't probably need a touch up too.. It's dat great..
I feel they are the best pencils I ever used..They come in a shade variety of about 8colors.. 

Rating: 4.9/5

Bit dry..
Some ppl may find them expensive too..

Overall verdict: 
Love the colors , pigments , lasting power n everything .. Highly recommend all those who want brings orange n pink shades .. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

DIY face mist receipies..

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Hii everyone..
This cold weather must b surely worth enjoying but it needs a lot of scin care too.. Skin usually tends to dry n become dull , dry n flaky in cold weather.. But face mist can b saving your skin from that dryness n losses but the mists we find in stores consist of alcohol n many more chemicals , while actually alcohol dehydrates your skin . N after all the harm they cause we pay them lots of bucks for the product.. So y not create our own which is natural n also pocket friendly ?? So today il b sharing two awesome DO IT YOURSELF FACE MIST RECEPIES .. 
Following are the easy handmade remedies for refreshing , moisturizing n glowing skin..


As u all no vitamin c or citrus is great for skin , it refreshens skin n make it youthful.. So y not create your own mist n carry it wherever u go for instant refreshing..

You'll need:
1 plastic spray bottle
2 Oranges
2 Lemons
1 Cup boiling water
2 Vitamin E capsules
Sieve for filtering

Here's how you do it :
1. Take a boiling water in a bowl.
2. Peel the lemon n oranges n soak the peals in the boiling water.
3. Leave it overnight.
4. The other day using sieve filter the water seperating the peels .
5. Now add the fluid from 2 vitamin E capsules into the water.
6. Stir n pour the water into the spray bottle.. 

N your mist is ready to use, u can spray it all over your face to get an instant glow n freshness for tired , dull skin.. 
Make sure u make it in small quantity to keep the freshness aliven.. 
U can store the mist into a refrigerator for more cooling affect..


This mist is great for oily breakout brone skin as it contains tea tree oil which prevents your skin from breakouts while aloe Vera gives u moisturisation..

You'll need:
2 cups of distilled water
Spray bottle 
Fresh Aloe Vera gel 2 tbspn
Rose petals or u can use rose water 
2 Vitamin E capsules
Tea tree essential oil 4-5 drops 

Here's how you do it :
1. Take a bowl n add distilled water to it.
2. If ur using rose petals boil the water n add them in it, leave it overnight n use that water with the rose petals..
3. If you are using rose water add the equal amount of distilled water into equal amount of rose water in 1:1 ratio..
4. Take fresh Aloe Vera gel n add it into the mixture of water .
5. Extract the fluid from vitamin E n add it to the mixture..
6. N finally add 4-5 drops of tea tree oil..
7. Stir the fluid n pour it into a spray bottle..

This is my favorite face mist recipe , tea tree oil not only works on your pores n lighten your marks but also gives a awesome fragrance to your mist.. Store in refrigerator n use it often..


U can use any tea of your choice accordint to your skin type.
Chamomile tea has shooting anti-inflammatory benefits, is great for brightening tired skin & dark circles around eyes.
Green tea has many anti oxidants that protects your skin , makes your skin youthful , fight acne & signs of aging .. It also refreshes your skin..

You'll need :
Distilled water 
Spray bottle 
2 green tea bags
Lavender essential oil
2 Vitamin E capsules

Here's how you do it:
1. Set your distilled water to boil.
2. Once your water has boiled seep your yea bag for about 5-10mins.
3. Let it cool down.
5. Remove the tea bags n pour the fluid into your spray bottle. (You can use those tea bags for ur dark circles now)
4. Pierce your vitamin E capsule n squeeze the liquid into the spray bottle.
5. Shake we'll n they are ready for use..

Since these mists has no preservatives these can b used for 3 weeks but I prefer to change after every 5 days for the freshness .. But it's all upto you.. You can store it in refrigerator n use it as required.. 

Hope this helped u.. If so, then show some love by liking this post.. 
Take care :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Best drugstore color eye liners..

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Hii everyone...
As u all know my last post was about high end color eye liners n as promised m up wid the best drugstore liners..
So today il b reviewing 6 liners from diffferent brands like maybelline, colorbar , bourjois n lakme..
I no everyone has their own color preferences but these r my favourites..
So lets start with the review:

Lets start with maybelline liners which are three here.. there are two maybelline hyper glossy liquid liners n the third is the maybelline vivid & smooth liner by Eyestudio..

MAYBELLINE hyper glossy liquid liner in Turquoise blue and Tangerine Orange :

Price: 225/- for 3g

These liners come in beautiful sharp packaging.. In plastic containers with a long wand applicator.. The tip is very sharp n easy to use.. It contains the product code n name at the bottom of the pack .. 
The quantity is about 3g . It was launched as color pop in these two shades only n I bought both of them.. I feel the shades r quiete bold n beautiful.. The Turquoise Blue is a beautiful sea green shade which is light n shimmery .. Looks beautiful when applied .. I also use it to define my lower lid sometimes.. The color is gr8 for both day look n evening wear .. These shade is very flower n minty green which can b best used in summer .. It gives your eyes very fresh look n pops up your eyes.. Yes they are waterproof n smudge proof.. N last quite long..

I have already discussed the packaging in the above discription so let's start with the shade.. The tangerine orange is a bright orange shade with shimmer which is hardly visible to eyes.. The color pay off is great n these both liquid liners are highly pigmented n just one stroke leaves a great color.. This color is very bold n does not suit everyone .. U can try this if u prefer bold shades .. I apply this just above my black eyeliner n it looks gorgeous .. Orange is a very rare shade in liners but it's definitely worth trying.. Perfect for day looks n in falls.. I usually prefer blues n greens for color liners but this orange has changed my mind .. I don't mind wearing this bright shade for a change.. 

I think very good shades n also great quality for the price they offer.. Affordable, reasonable, smudge proof, waterproof n long lasting , worth it n beautiful shades.. 
CONS: I don't find any .. :)

Maybelline vivid & smooth liner by EYESTUDIO in BORDEAUX PEARL:

This is a creamy pencil liner by maybelline.. It's actually very soft n pigmented.. It contains glitter n the shade BORDEAUX PEARL is a pinky brownish shade .. It's a very light shade n I use it only to line my lower lid as it does not shows up much.. But this is a must have shade for lower lid lining.. No matter wat make up I do smokey or soft I line my lower eye lid with this pink n it does make a difference in the eye n makes eyes look big.. I don't prefer pink liners for eyes but this is only an exception for lower lid..
They are waterproof n smudge proof n does not tugg under my eyes..they last quite long.. They also have several shades in these pencils so u can try as per your preferences..

Great pencils and very cheap compared to other brands.. Highly pigmented , sudge proof , waterproof , good color pay off..

Loose product while sharpening.
No manufacturing date but yes they provide expiry date.. 
No mentioned weight .


BOURJOIS Liner pinceau in GOLD :

PRICE:630/- for 2.5ml

This is a champagne gold shimmery shade.. Looks little grey too.. But again a very rare shade.. I always try color liners which are very rare shades.. N this is a great shade again .. The packaging is classy n comes in a plastic tube with the want in mentally gold color n the name of the brand carved over the lid.. The applicator is quite broad with its tip is also broad which I don't really like.. But I can manage as m a pro in applying liners :p 
Company claims that it gives 16hrs stay , I dint try it for 16hrs but yes it gave me for 10 hrs , so definitely long lasting..
Anyways I use this shade in several ways.. I use it above the black liner on the upper lid or to line my lower lid or at the inner corners of my eyes.. It gives my eyes a fabulous look without doing much.. I highly recommend this to everyone.. It's opthaalmogically tested ..

Again a beautiful shade :p , smudge proof, waterproof , opthaalmogically tested n longgg lasting...

Tip is little thick.
Takes time to dry


COLORBAR I-Glide pencil in FLIRTY TURQ 007:

PRICE:399/- for1.1g

COLORBAR is one of my favorite brand .. I invest in almost every product from COLORBAR.. Let it b a primer, brushes , blushes, bb creams , matte lip liners , matte lipsticks n now these I glide pencils.. M a FAN of this brand.. So let's come to the point.. This is a pencil liner in a FLIRTY TURQ shade which is a beautiful peacock blue shade.. Comes in sleek silver pencils with the shade at their end.. The end bottom of the pencil is actually the color of the pencil which make us easy to find in your stash . Company claims that these r liquid liners in a pencils.. N yes they actually are, they are so damn pigmented that juz one swipe is gives enough color.. Color pay off is great.. This shade gives me a perfect dramatic look to my eyes, all I need is this liner n loads of mascara n voila... !! It glides very smoothly n makes the usage very comfortable.. I would definitely try other colors frm this range..  N I recommend this unique shade to all.. It does not smudge n last upto 6hrs.. It can b worn foe evening wear as it's quite dramatic but I also use it for a day look..

People who love blue liners definitely need to give this a chance, waterproof , smudge proof, highly highly pigmented, smooth n affordable..

Since it's very soft n creamy the tip might brake more often..
V can loose the lotta product in sharpening :((

RATING: 4.5/5

LAKME glide on eye color inAQUA MARINE:

PRICE:275/- for 1.2g

The lakme glide on pencil comes in 4shades in a black pencil with a transparent cap .. Decent pencils for the price.. The shade AQUA MARINE is more of a greeny tone.. Actually a aqua green color.. Highly pigmented n creamy pencils like all others, but I felt the lasting power is more in these lakme pencils, they last quite long.. This shade is a gel like consistency with slight shimmer.. Glides smoothly n color is just enough in single swipe.. Best for brown eyes but looks good on almost all. I wud recommend this shade.. I never had a good experience with lakme eye products but this pencils are actually great ones to have.. 


Good shade , highly pigmented, smooth gliding, reasonably priced, high shine , smudge proof, waterproof n dermatologist approved..

Loose product while sharping


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Best High End Color Eye Liners

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Hello everyone..
Il b reviewing eye liners in two parts.. The 1st one would b BEST COLOR EYE LINERS FROM HIGH END BRANDS & second one would b BEST COLOR EYE LINERS FROM DRUGSTORE ..
So this is the 1st part n il be reviewing FOUR liners from two different brands.. Everybody's favorite MAC and INGLOT ..

Mac liners in liquid n Inglot liner in pencil..
So let's start the review..


What company says:

Easy precision liner with thin tip applicator..
Highly pigmented..
Instantly dries..
Smudge proof


Packaging is awesome in sleek tubes with a long n precise tip applicator..
Comes in plastic tubes which r good n recyclable so Eco friendly..
As u all know Mac gives u a lipstick free if u return 5 empty packs of their products..

My take on the product:

These liners comes in 9 colors..
As u can see PURE SHOW is a bright yellow gold color n SIGNATURE BLUE is a dark blue and NOCTURNAL is a silver one..
M little partial to the golden shade than silver n blue.. But blue is also a great color.. The liners are pigmented even though being liquid ones n color pay off is great. The tip glides smoothly n as the tip is very precise n thin u can apply in any way u want thin or broad..
I find the tubes to b very comfortable as even if u turn the tube over mistakenly the liner don't flow off as the consistency is quiet fine.. But just for few seconds by mistake , thick consistency does not mean u can turn the tube upside down n check the flow after all it's a liquid liner..
Anyways they are highly WATERPROOF .. Even my best makeup remover can't rip the liner off in single stroke.. Takes lotta effort to remove.. It don't smudge at all as claimed by the brand. N also dries very quickly instantly I can say ..
When I bought the signature blue the price was about 1100 but it has been hiked upto 1400 now..

Price: 1400/-

Overall verdict: 
Great product n also beautiful shades .. U can love them if only the expensive price tag doesn't bother u.. 


Rating: 5/5


Inglot precision pencil liner- #32
This might not b the best liner among the high end brands but it's definitely a worth trying shade..
It's a gunmetal grey shade..

What company says: 
Highly pigmented, smooth , blend able crayon pencils..

My take on the product:

It comes in a sleek long pencil with a cap lid.. I personally felt them to b little matte n thick which gives a great color pay off n glides smoothly.. The gunmetal grey shade is a beautiful grey shade which is more of on a darker side n that makes it look very much nearer to black.. But definitely a great color for people who don't often use color liners .. As it is almost of a lighter shade of black..
I don't think it can b smudged as it disappears once u start smudging it.. Doesn't smudge ..
Moreover it's a para been free n avoids animal testing..

Overall verdict : 
Definitely a great shade to try .. Also affordable even though a high end brand product..

Price : 590 for 1.13gms

Cons: expensive ..


Monday, 11 November 2013

Inglot liquid eyeliner in silver #42 review n swatches ..

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hello everyone...

Today m back wid an beautiful product. . Its a liquid liner from inglot..
I don't no wat made me buy dat but I juz bought it n no regrets.. its a gr8 product trust me..
I dint no its glittery at all but aftr I swatched the product fr the 1st time I jiz loved the shade. .
I m very fond of liners as it totally changes your appearance but I personally think color liners r good fr day look n black is a heavy looking liner so I use it more often for evening wear..

What company claims: 
highly pigmented n high precision applicator n quick drying n smudge proof..

My take on the product :

The packaging is classy in a plastic lil bottle wid a long applicator.. u can find the shade number n name at the bottom n also the expiry date ..
The consistency is very watery n running.. the liner should b used after shaking it otherwise u may get only the glittery water instead of black liner .. it also takes time to dry n set..
Since this liner is a black one n also contains glitter particles n so it looks gorgeous. .
But the quantity is very little .. only about 4 ml product for huge price ..

Overall Verdict:
I feel its a good liquid liner with long lasting power n highly pigmented .

-I think the quantity is too little for a 4ml product n specially for the price of 850
-Very watery n needs time to dry 
- Availability 

Will i purchase it again ?
No , i think there r several beutiful shades n brands that offer a lot of product n in far lesser prices.. 
but finding the glitter black is little difficult so for now i dont regret .. 

U can get itt from shopatmajorbrands.com

price: 850/- 4 ml

Rating: 4/5

SLS free shampoos..

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Hey guys recently I've been facing lots of trouble wid my scalp.. As u know every shampoo consist of sodium laureth sulphate which is a chemical used for creating lather.. N that is the main issue foe hair fall or dandruff. With the weather change m facing a dry scalp n also dandruff.. So I recently did a ill survey on SOS free shampoos n il b sharing that wid u guys today..
I was using Paul Michelle tea tree special shampoo but it also contains sls..

So here is my list of some of the SLS free shampoos..
1- Moroccan oil moisture repair shampoo
2- organic surge shampoo
3- Khadi shampoo
4- Giovanni shampoo
5- Johnson's baby shampoo
6- body shop rainforest shampoo
7- lush shampoo

I have placed an order for moroccan oil shampoo .. it comes in two variants.. one is moisture repair n other is extra volume.. since I have very fine flat hair I have ordered for extra volume one. I'll review it after using it for two weeks..
hope this benefits u.. I recommend sls free shampoo to everybody as its chemical free n good for healthy hair..


Friday, 1 November 2013

Moroccan oil treatment review

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Hey guys today m gonna review a hair product which almost everybody loves .. It has created a hype over bloggers n it truly deserves it.. It is also called an miracle oil as it transfers your hair from something to everything ;)
Moroccan  oil is actually an argan oil which is derived from a Moroccan tree n argan seeds.. It's only made in Moroccan as the name suggest n so it's very expensive.. There is nothing called cheap Moroccan oil.. If u r getting it for a price value below 1500 then it cannot b pure Moroccan oil ..
So let's get started with the review..

Moroccan oil was something m craving for since months but getting it in India was a lot difficult task.. But as it has become very famous it's now available in many high end salons n spa's .. But I ordered it online coz m more of an online buyer.. :p
For all your information my hair r already very good in texture n healthy too alhamdulillah..
But after using Moroccan oil I realized my hair could b alot alot alot better.. M stunned by the change it got into my hair.
It smells gr8 but not everybody likes it smell but I do. N the cosistency is thick n that's the reason lil is more ..
Firstly my hair does not get frizzy at all.. Trust me n no matter for how long I keep my hair open it absolutely keeps my hair de tangled n frizz free. It makes them smoother silkier n shinier .. I don't Hv words for this it's truly an Miracle oil.. I highly recommend every every one..
But u need to b very careful in application n if u get wrong it might make your hair look oily.. it comes with an pump which is makes it easy to use unlike other oils. Just 1 pump is enough for middle length hair.
It should b used after shower to b applied to towel dried wet hair n then u can blow dry your hair.. Use a lil pea sized oil n rub into your palm n apply all over your hair n after drying see the astonishing results..
Moroccan oil brand actually has lots of products like a shampoo, conditioner , hair mask, styling spray n more on..
Ppl with flat thin limp fine hair can try Moroccan oil treatment in LIGHTER VERSION..

Price: 2500 for 100ml
Rating: 5

Too faced candlelight glow highlighter

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Hey guys highlighters has become an essential part of makeup these days.
Highlighters make ur skin look glory n add instant luminous to the look..
Highlighters come in different shades n textures, like powders , creams or liquid highlighters while I prefer powder or liquids.. Mostly powdery for evening n liquid for glowy look in the day time..
Too faced highlighter in candlelight glow is a champaign shade n also pinky shade highlighter..
U can mix both n use a blended shade for highlighting.
Highlighters r very useful for adding a glow to your cheekbones, brow bones, collar bones , your Cupid bow as well as inner corner of your eyes.

It's a beautiful powder highlighter which is highly pigmented. I use it with an angular brush but u can also use your fingers or even brushes for application as per your convenience..
It comes with a classy packaging with its logo imprinted on the powder n it comes in a compact round pack with a large mirror which can b useful too. The texture is smooth n it's not glittery but it's shimmery which is a perfect amount needed for highlighting instead of sparkling..

U can order it online on beautykafe.com. Delivery might take time n payment options r only through cards , no COD ..

Price : 30$

Cons: Availability in India..

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