Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel review n swatches

Posted by Amani Zaara at 01:51
Hello everyone,
I no many people love this winter season, personally my favorite as it comes with child winds n cosy weather n I love these months specially December as it is the month of my bday n also end of the year.. So month of celebrations, gives me a great feeling. Anyways let's come to the point so I love all about this winter except for the dery flaky skin.. So here's a review of a moisture drink for your skin that is Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel ..

Price: 1500/- for 50ml , 2850/- for 125ml

Product claims:

A moisture "drink" for dehydrated skin to give enough moisture.
Comes in two forms gel n lotion. Gel is for combination to oily skin type n lotion is for dry skin.
Comes in two variants. 50ml n 125ml.
Improves skin texture.
Oil free


Comes in a matte finish plastic tube which is transparent n that helps to know the quantity left in the tube. Comes with a silver rolling cap .

My take on the product:

Many people think moisturizers are not needed for oily skin as it's already oily.. But there's a lot of difference between oil n hydration.. Any skin type needs to b moisturizer for keeping skin hydrated..
But right moisturizer is the key to oily skin type. As most of the moisturizers are oily n may cause breakouts, atleast they do for me.
Since Clinique claims it's an oil free n matte finish so I decided to take a 50ml pack n test it.. It's alight weight moisturizer which spreads like a pro n little is enough for whole face.
Gives u instant moisturisation n skin feels soft n supple instantly.
I think the best moisturizer I ever used. Gives me superb moisture without giving me any shiny look.
It's total matte in few seconds but skin looks superbly soft n smooth.. I couldn't keep my hands off my skin for the first time I tried.. M in love with this product. I apply it every night n yes it keeps me shine free till morning.. It's so light weight that it can also b used as a primer under your makeup. It makes skin a smooth canvas for a perfect makeup base.. It dint cause me any breakouts. Everytime I wash my face the first thing I wanna do is just apply this moisturizer.. I just wish it was a little lesser in price.. 




Overall verdict: 

All those who want an oil free light weight moisturizer must must try this, I highly recommend this to everyone.. M madly in love with it..

Will I purchase again?? 
Yes definitely, I will for sure.


Aditi Y on 27 November 2013 at 12:22 said...

I love this moisturiser!

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