Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lakme 9 to 5 lipsticks review n swatches

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Hey guys I Hv come up with a review of 2 day wear shades from lake 9 to 5 range..
#Beige Post n #Blush Work.. 

If u read my earlier post u must b knowing dat I prefer matte lipsticks.. N these r semi matte.. Not fully matte but does not has glossiness in it..
They come in shiny rose gold packaging which looks very classy neat..
They r really light textured n good in pigmentation so u won't need to apply several layers..
As the name suggest 9 to 5 they r definitely very long lasting.. I actually wore by 10am for a hang out with friends n returned by 6 n trust me it did last dat long.. I dint need any touch ups..

#Beige post: as u can see both the shades r very light n for day wear , beige post is a very light peachy shade. N both of these has some gold shimmer which is very subtle n hardly visible wen u wear.. This shade is great for summer or can b paired with smokey eyes to balance with simple lips..
But good for fair skin tone as it might not show up on dark tones as the shades r very light..

#Blush Work: it's a pinky coral shade which is ill warmer than beige post n looks beautiful with some golden shimmer n can b worn by any skin tone .. Good for daywear ..



Monday, 28 October 2013

Colorbar soft touch lipstick #Amethyst 042 dupe for Mac up the amp

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Hey guys m gonna review a beautiful shade from Colorbar. It's an awesome purple shade.. It's #042 Amethyst..
Looks beautiful n color pay off is great .. It's a moisturizing soft smooth texture n highly pigmented..
It's a dupe for Mac up the amp..

My thoughts about the product:
The lipstick comes in soft silver packaging . Looks very smooth moisturizing texture which is creamy n lasting power is about 4 hours n u may Hv to make touch ups after that.. It's not patchy but since it's very creamy it may end up bleeding.. That was the only draw back I thought.. I loved the shade as it's a pretty mauve but since I prefer matte lips it's creamy texture made me little upset..

Over all it's a good deal for the price offered.. I wud recommend buying this if u r fond of purples ..

Price: 374

Rating: 4

Lakme n maybelline 14 hour superstay lipsticks review

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Recently I have developed interest in berry lip shades n darker tones..
So iv picked some of lakme lipsticks from its enrich saturn range which is damn affordable prices at 225 each n other from maybelline priced at 525 each..
Shades r listed below..
#Lakme enrich saturn- #427
#Lakme enrich saturn- #146
#Lakme enrich saturn-#128
#Maybelline 14 hour superstay-#100 wine and forever
#maybelline 14 hour superstay - #095 please stay plum
#Maybelline 14 hour superstay-#055  keep me coral.

The shades vary alot from each other n both brands offer good pigmentation..
Coming to the 1st shade dats lakme#427 its a reddish maroon shade n looks flattering on fair as well as medium n dark skin since its a warmer shade.
2nd shade also from lakme #146 is my favourite n mostly usable one.. its a beautiful pink shade n looks awesome on fair skin.. it is a light shade n so it can b used at the day time as well as at nights wen u wanna look simple but sweet.. its a best shade for those who like light pink shades..
3rd from lakme #128 is also a pinkish shade but a warmer pink.. its a gr8 unique shade n can b worn by any skin tone.. its a rare shade n I highly recommend this to the ppl who wanna try beautiful rosy warm pinks..
4th is maybelline 14 hour superstay in the shade #100 Wine And Forever. Its a deep dark burgendy shade n gr8 for fall.. this shade has become a trend these days.. recently manish malhotra potraued these burgendy lips wid plain mascara eyes in a delhi fashion week..
5th maybelline #095 please stay plum.
Its name itself gives u the shades identity.. its a plum shade. But the best thing abt dis lipstick is it jas golden shimmer in the shade n looks mind blowing for evening wear.. a must try piece.
6th n the toppest in swatches is maybelline #055 keep me coral.
Its a day wear shade in a peach color n it has golden shimmer too.. n looks gorgeous on lips.. its vry light n may not b visible if u hv darker lips..

cons for lakme: nothing 
cons for maybelline: since the lispstick is broad at the bottom n the tip is very thin, the application is vry difficult as I cannot c wer the lipstick is being applied.. 

Rating: lakme: 4.75
              Maybelline: 4
So which 1 do u like..?? M loving em all 😆😍.
Leave ur comments below.. 

bourjois paris- lilas d'or

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Hey guys.. how was ur sunday?? I hope relaxing.. lately m being obsessed for blushes.. no matter how many I buy my desire doesnt end..
Today il b reviewing bourjois paris blush in the shade of lilas d'or..
D'or refers to gold.. so as the name itself refers its a shimmery blush wid golden tint..

My take on the product:
Personally iv been looking for exactly dis shade as m a very big fan of Nars orgasm blush.. but since its availability is an issue in india dis is a very beautiful dupe of orgasm.
Shade is beautiful pink n coral undertones n with golden higlights..
Its nicely pigmented as u cn c the swatches it was in a single stroke..
Looks gr8 on fair skin n also on medium tones..
But it comes wid an expensive price tag about 710 rupees..
But worth it I think as it looks gorgeous on my cheeks n I dont even need an highlighter after this..
Highly recommended to ppl who dnt mind spending on ur choice of shade..

my october vellvette box

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Hey guys heres my review of my vellvette box for the month of October. .
Last months bag was a very big dissapointment for me.. 
This month the theme was blue n k.i.s.s. which means keep it simple sexy..!! 

Packaging: ugly blue color which looked more like a guy stuff.. my bro has his grooming kit in such blue bag.. very bad choice of color I think..

1. Vantiv moisturising shampoo + shower gel. (Ful size of both)
2. Florelle true kohl pencil in shade blue. 
3. Activez restorative hair infusion serum. (Sample size 25 ml)

My take on the products: 
Firstly m again not dat happy by vellvette team. The reason v have subscribed to them was 3 samples of "LUXURY BRANDED PRODUCTS" .. 
Vantiv is an indian brand n more over cheap n affordable.. not a luxury as both shampoo n shower gel costs around 400... n changing shampoo is not my cup of tea as it causes hairfall as it contains sls.. so its waste for me.. 
While shower gel can b used but I personally dint like the smell.. its lemony fresh but i think it smells exactly like prill dish wash.. but no doubt the smell is v strong n might ladt long.. so ppl who likes the smell wud b vry happy.
The only product I liked n I wud b using is the Florelle kohl.. its finely pigmented n a nice blue shade.. but price is 250 so again its not a luxury product..

Coming to actives hair infusion serum, I never heard of this product or brand but I will use it n post the review soon about it.. for now it looks more of a serum for heat protection before styling in wet hair .. dats wat is written on the product while der is no info about hair infusion. .
Over all an average bag.. atleast some products r useful but m really dissapointed about the choice of brands.. they have been using new brands n cheap too .. next month would b my last month as my subscription ends der..
I wont b renewing it m sure.. n i think dey have also increased the prices per month from november..

Wat have u got into ur bag n wat are ur views abt it.. ?? Leave ur comments.. 

Mac Fix+ review

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Hey guys m up wid my latest post .. I no it's been a long time but I promise to b regular wid my post now.. So today il be reviewing Mac's most useful product Mac Fix+ .. So let's start wid the review..

My take on dis product:
Basically it's a make up setting spray but I use it in multiple ways.. It's a very refreshing mist.. Without any scent . It's a refreshing mist.. I use it wen m out just to TV my tired face a refreshing splash.. It has multiple uses as I said.
It can b used to set Ua pigmented eye shadows. Just spray a lil amount on a flat surface , dip your brush into the the fix+ n den in your pigments n apply over the lid.. It will make your shadow stay in place without making it fall.
For fixing your make up spray it 12 inches away from your face n let it dry..
I think it's an affordable piece n also does a descend job of wat company claims about it..
U can also use dis as a base of your make up.. So pray before u apply your make up..
The bottle is plastic n travel friendly n also sheer so that u can check the quantity of the remaining product..

Rating : 4.6
price:1150 for 100ml

Cons: does not control oil.. 

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