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Best High End Color Eye Liners

Posted by Amani Zaara at 22:41

Hello everyone..
Il b reviewing eye liners in two parts.. The 1st one would b BEST COLOR EYE LINERS FROM HIGH END BRANDS & second one would b BEST COLOR EYE LINERS FROM DRUGSTORE ..
So this is the 1st part n il be reviewing FOUR liners from two different brands.. Everybody's favorite MAC and INGLOT ..

Mac liners in liquid n Inglot liner in pencil..
So let's start the review..


What company says:

Easy precision liner with thin tip applicator..
Highly pigmented..
Instantly dries..
Smudge proof


Packaging is awesome in sleek tubes with a long n precise tip applicator..
Comes in plastic tubes which r good n recyclable so Eco friendly..
As u all know Mac gives u a lipstick free if u return 5 empty packs of their products..

My take on the product:

These liners comes in 9 colors..
As u can see PURE SHOW is a bright yellow gold color n SIGNATURE BLUE is a dark blue and NOCTURNAL is a silver one..
M little partial to the golden shade than silver n blue.. But blue is also a great color.. The liners are pigmented even though being liquid ones n color pay off is great. The tip glides smoothly n as the tip is very precise n thin u can apply in any way u want thin or broad..
I find the tubes to b very comfortable as even if u turn the tube over mistakenly the liner don't flow off as the consistency is quiet fine.. But just for few seconds by mistake , thick consistency does not mean u can turn the tube upside down n check the flow after all it's a liquid liner..
Anyways they are highly WATERPROOF .. Even my best makeup remover can't rip the liner off in single stroke.. Takes lotta effort to remove.. It don't smudge at all as claimed by the brand. N also dries very quickly instantly I can say ..
When I bought the signature blue the price was about 1100 but it has been hiked upto 1400 now..

Price: 1400/-

Overall verdict: 
Great product n also beautiful shades .. U can love them if only the expensive price tag doesn't bother u.. 


Rating: 5/5


Inglot precision pencil liner- #32
This might not b the best liner among the high end brands but it's definitely a worth trying shade..
It's a gunmetal grey shade..

What company says: 
Highly pigmented, smooth , blend able crayon pencils..

My take on the product:

It comes in a sleek long pencil with a cap lid.. I personally felt them to b little matte n thick which gives a great color pay off n glides smoothly.. The gunmetal grey shade is a beautiful grey shade which is more of on a darker side n that makes it look very much nearer to black.. But definitely a great color for people who don't often use color liners .. As it is almost of a lighter shade of black..
I don't think it can b smudged as it disappears once u start smudging it.. Doesn't smudge ..
Moreover it's a para been free n avoids animal testing..

Overall verdict : 
Definitely a great shade to try .. Also affordable even though a high end brand product..

Price : 590 for 1.13gms

Cons: expensive ..



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