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Fab Bag Jan 2014 review

Posted by Amani Zaara at 01:39
Hello everyone,

M extremely sorry for being away from my blog for such a long time.. But actually m extremely busy with shopping n stuff.. Ders a big news coming your way.. But until den keep guessing..!! Some sort if suspense is needed for the news.. So I have loads of products to review but no time. But since this can't b delayed n u people might want to c the review for the month of jan in January itself I've posted the review. So let's start with the review,

This month the theme was being classy n since they have changed the brand name I thought they might add some new brands too n yes they did..


They came in a zipper bag in reddish maroon color with black zip n name printed on the bag ,which I think was good enough n decent among all previous ones. 

Products I Got:

- Naked Potion Lotion: full size 1300/- (200g) I got a sample pack.

This is new brand in the fab bag n it's actually owned by Lisa Haydon a Bollywood actress .. It's an organic brand . It is basically a moisturizer for face n body both.. Mostly for face.. Since it is basically made of all natural products like aloe Vera , vitamin E oil, rose hip oil n avocado oil I don't mind using this on face.. It's also a preservative- free product.. 
When I tried this moisturizer it got absorbed immediately n there was no shine or greasiness on the face.. It dis moisturize well n did not cause any breakouts or clogging into my combination skin type..
Definitely a good product.. I like this..

- Lavender Body Lotion: Full size 525/- (250ml) I got a sample of 35ml

Natures co is a very old brand in a fab bag n they always send something from this brand which I don't mind as it's a wonderful brand.. 
This is again a moisturizing lotion for body . It's a lavender lotion with lavender extracts, olive oil n vitamin E .. 
It smells great but then again a moisturizer ?? I don't think I needed this in my bag..

- Lord & Berry seta eyeshadow: Full size 800/-  I got a full size ..

M happy that I atleast got one makeup product as I keep on asking more of makeup or atleast equal makeup with skincare.. N it's a good brand. The product is Paraben free.
The eye shadow I got is a matte eye shadow in a light lavender purple shade called cocktail . M not very fond of the shade but yes it's usable n can b mixed with others n create a smokey look.

- Nyassa Almond Body Butter: Full size 600/- (100ml) I got a sample pack.

Firstly again a moisturizing stuff ???? Tooooo much of body care, moisturizers , lotions n stuff.. Very disappointed :( 
N m not a fan of almond fragrance so definitely not my pick. But usable..

My Verdict:

Very angry by so many moisturizers .. Too much of moisturizing stuff in a bag.. Got three products for moisturizing among 4 :(
I regret re subscribing.. Dats all I can say..

Overall rating: 3/5


~AND_ on 29 March 2014 at 07:03 said...

It was my first fab bag, and I guess my last; there are SO MUCH BETTER SUBSCRIPTION BEAUTY BOXES and this FAB BAG, I regret. I had bought this for some indulgence for my upcoming nuptials and they ruin it ROYALLY. From all the posts over here, I feel they've sent ME THE LEFTOVERS OF FEBRUARY FAB BAG. how cheap and shameless of them!

there is a questionnaire that they take from us and which I have clearly mentioned what kind of products suit the skin/ hair. None of the products does suit my skin/ hair.

the bag is NOT UPTO their claimed STANDARD FOR MANY REASONS - It's a shitty Fab Bag. I had to share my horrid experience with you guys, please bear with the rant!

1) near expiry date products - easier way to finish off the supply; throw them in the dust bin, crew! Luxury is NOT vivel. I paid up for 'luxury products as they claimed, and I am Duped. ROYALLY. I have had previously got blisters on my face Using Vivel and now, literally I pay to buy it, would i?

2) Cetaphil- I can buy it from the drug store near my house (where is high-end in this?) Also, I dont have a sensitive skin, as clearly mentioned in the questionnaire, which they obviously DONT go through.

3) Why does the conditioner smell like ammonia/ toilet cleaner? Why would I use such a product with a Repugnant SMELL? Would they guys USE SUCH PRODUCTS themselves?

I guess they should Stop this if they cannot deliver what they promised. They tell me that they'd refund me after cutting 599 INR off the the first bag.

WAS THE BAG WORTH 599 INR? I dont think so. It's very easy to say apologies, but coming from humble backgrounds I guess i have been a little greedy in wishing for small luxuries. they ruined it royally for me, thanks for that. and I cannot believe they sent near expiration that products in return of my 1.5K INR! CHEATING ALERT!!!!!!!!!

I am subscribing for My Envy Box and I feel I will get good value for my money. FAB BAG sucks and stinks like poo!

(sorry for this rant over here, but trust me, I feel so awful for my money and expectations that I wish they burn down) Had to share my awful experience here, somewhere; which is why the rant!

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