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Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Lotion Review

Posted by Amani Zaara at 03:15
Hello everyone,
Today m gonna review a body lotion which claims to relieve the stress.. Sounds interesting right?? Stress is a part of everybody's life n so is mine.. M a great lover of invigorating fragrances like eucalyptus or tea tree or spearmint.. I got sold when I read stress relief lotion with eucalyptus !! So let's start with the review..

Price: 13$ for 192ml, 1000rs/- for 192 ml from


Product claim:

Ultra-creamy, nourishing body lotion is formulated to give skin long-lasting moisture while an aromatherapy blend of natural ingredients and essential oils benefit body, mind & mood. Breath deeply for best results.
Eucalyptus essential oil clears the mind while Spearmint Essential Oil uplifts to help improve concentration.
Not tested on animals.

How to use:

Smooth over body to moisturize and lightly fragrance skin.


The product comes in a classy looking green glass bottle with a black screw pump up dispenser. It's easy to pump the required product but the glass bottle isn't travel friendly.. The bottle can break as it is made up of glass so isn't travel friendly.. All though I don't mind until it provides good service for what it is being used for..

My thoughts on the product:

As I love strong fragrances with refreshing fragrance this lotion made me happy with its first impression by its fragrance. The lotion isn't thick in consistency nor very watery .. It's perfect as a lotion in its consistency.

This starts out a bit strong with the eucalyptus but quickly tones down a bit. This leaves a fresh scent on my skin that last pretty long but fades to very subtle soft fragrance. 

It's Fortified with powerful ingredients like super conditioning Shea Butter which gives good moisture to the skin ,fast absorbing Jojoba Oil which penetrates into the skin n heals the moisture n keeps skin hydrated for a long time and protective Vitamin E which has several benefits to it.

This body lotion gives your skin long-lasting moisture.  It contains eucalyptus essential oil to clear the mind, while spearmint essential oil will soothe your senses. Eucalyptus essential oil clears the mind while Spearmint Essential Oil uplifts to help improve concentration. This is perfect for the students at the time of studies n also before you go to bed. I personally apply this lotion before m off to bed, it's soothing fragrance actually gives me a sound sleep n helps me to calm my senses. 

When I bought this product I never thought it could do anything with the stress tag but it definitely kept its promise. It's a wonder product that does it works by providing long lasting moisture n also relieves the stress with its awesome fragrance.

It's not greasy either unlike many other body lotions. It dries up as soon as u spread it on your skin n leaves the soft moisture n a soothing scent.The fragrance stays all day long. And if you breathe in deeply, it truly relaxes the senses. It relaxes me and makes me feel fresh and clean. I also like the cooling sensation it gives my neck and hands. For me, this scent is for the nighttime.

Overall verdict: 

Does what it claims. Perfect combination for a body lotion with long lasting hydration n fragrance. Unlike many other body lotions this lasts very long n if u always wanted a great smelling body lotion which gives moisture as well as fragrance , this one is for u.. N last but not the least, yes it truly relaxes your senses n makes u feel better.. Apply it while u study or before u sleep.. 

Cons: NONE!!!



Shreya Kulkarni on 10 January 2014 at 20:47 said...

Lovely review dear ...looks like a great product :)

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