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My vellvette bag- November

Posted by Amani Zaara at 01:24
Hi people..
I no m late for the month of November's vellvette bag. But I had issues with bag so took some time.. Actually I recieved my bag with a damaged lispstick so they replaced it with a new one n that took little time So I got late to publish this post.
So here I m with my vellvette bag update. .
So finally this time after a long disappointment m finally happy with my bag. This time I got good products .
Well the theme was band baja baraat.. the products best suited the theme n were actually the basics for a marriage festival.
The bag was a zipper bag in pink color with black polka dots n looked good. I think this is the best packaging since the bags started.

I got the 3 product with 1 bonus product.
1- Flormar deluxe shine gloss lipstick in Dc-35
2- I love strawberry & milkshake shower gel
3- Thalgo votre pore shrink toner

The bonus product is mary kay intense night cream.

Flormar deluxe shine gloss lipstick- dc 35

Flormar is a French cosmetic brand, n this deluxe shine lipstick is a nature enriched with argan oil , vitamin n cocoa butter which is hydrating n nourishing . 
But personally I don't prefer gloss or glossy stuff n this is a gloss in lipstick. So it's quite messy n thick n sticky.. This is the only product I dint like. It's total waste for me. It is a red shade in gloss. I got a full size sample which original price costs about 700/- for 3gm.

I Love strawberry & milkshake shower gel

This is a sample size in in 50ml. It comes in several flavors. I wud prefer buying other versions. This strawberry n milkshake version is not that awesome but neither bad.. I wud definitely try other soon. It's a well known shower gel brand . The packaging is really tempting . Full size cost around 795/- for 550ml , n 250/- for 100ml.

Thalgo votre pore shrink toner

The best thing I like about this product is that it's Parabens free n cruelty free. M yet to try this product n il surely review it soon. It's made of botanical extracts .. It claims to minimize pores. Comes in a blue color liquid n smells good n is really strong.

Bonus product Mary Kay extra emmollient night cream

This is a bonus product I got n it's a night cream or basically a moisturizing cream. It's too thick n oily so I don't prefer using on face as I have an oily face so I used it as a lip balm on my lips. N it is really great for lips or hands. . I like it . The smell is most of the grandmas cosmetics type, it might annoy few people but I like it..

Overall it's a good bag n my subscription ends this month n I m gonna review it again n give it a chance again. Hope for the best in future..


Shikha S on 2 December 2013 at 08:37 said...

nice box, I also received Thalgo and votre

Gowthami Sundaram on 2 December 2013 at 10:29 said...

You got nice products :)

Amani Zaara on 3 December 2013 at 15:00 said...

Yeah after a long time m satisfied with the box..

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