Monday, 28 October 2013

my october vellvette box

Posted by Amani Zaara at 01:32
Hey guys heres my review of my vellvette box for the month of October. .
Last months bag was a very big dissapointment for me.. 
This month the theme was blue n k.i.s.s. which means keep it simple sexy..!! 

Packaging: ugly blue color which looked more like a guy stuff.. my bro has his grooming kit in such blue bag.. very bad choice of color I think..

1. Vantiv moisturising shampoo + shower gel. (Ful size of both)
2. Florelle true kohl pencil in shade blue. 
3. Activez restorative hair infusion serum. (Sample size 25 ml)

My take on the products: 
Firstly m again not dat happy by vellvette team. The reason v have subscribed to them was 3 samples of "LUXURY BRANDED PRODUCTS" .. 
Vantiv is an indian brand n more over cheap n affordable.. not a luxury as both shampoo n shower gel costs around 400... n changing shampoo is not my cup of tea as it causes hairfall as it contains sls.. so its waste for me.. 
While shower gel can b used but I personally dint like the smell.. its lemony fresh but i think it smells exactly like prill dish wash.. but no doubt the smell is v strong n might ladt long.. so ppl who likes the smell wud b vry happy.
The only product I liked n I wud b using is the Florelle kohl.. its finely pigmented n a nice blue shade.. but price is 250 so again its not a luxury product..

Coming to actives hair infusion serum, I never heard of this product or brand but I will use it n post the review soon about it.. for now it looks more of a serum for heat protection before styling in wet hair .. dats wat is written on the product while der is no info about hair infusion. .
Over all an average bag.. atleast some products r useful but m really dissapointed about the choice of brands.. they have been using new brands n cheap too .. next month would b my last month as my subscription ends der..
I wont b renewing it m sure.. n i think dey have also increased the prices per month from november..

Wat have u got into ur bag n wat are ur views abt it.. ?? Leave ur comments.. 


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