Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lakme 9 to 5 lipsticks review n swatches

Posted by Amani Zaara at 01:38
Hey guys I Hv come up with a review of 2 day wear shades from lake 9 to 5 range..
#Beige Post n #Blush Work.. 

If u read my earlier post u must b knowing dat I prefer matte lipsticks.. N these r semi matte.. Not fully matte but does not has glossiness in it..
They come in shiny rose gold packaging which looks very classy neat..
They r really light textured n good in pigmentation so u won't need to apply several layers..
As the name suggest 9 to 5 they r definitely very long lasting.. I actually wore by 10am for a hang out with friends n returned by 6 n trust me it did last dat long.. I dint need any touch ups..

#Beige post: as u can see both the shades r very light n for day wear , beige post is a very light peachy shade. N both of these has some gold shimmer which is very subtle n hardly visible wen u wear.. This shade is great for summer or can b paired with smokey eyes to balance with simple lips..
But good for fair skin tone as it might not show up on dark tones as the shades r very light..

#Blush Work: it's a pinky coral shade which is ill warmer than beige post n looks beautiful with some golden shimmer n can b worn by any skin tone .. Good for daywear ..




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