Tuesday, 18 June 2013

5 best concealers ever

Posted by Amani Zaara at 02:31

Hey guys.. Here is my next update about the top 5 concealers...
I no hw badly v struggle to hide de imperfections of ua face.. So here is the quick guide to all ur needs.. 

1) Mac Prolongwear concealer .
-  I believe it to b de worlds best concealer ever.. N like me most of the professional make up artist swear by dis product..
- all u need is the ryt shade of dis concealer. N remember concealer must always b 1 shade lighter to the foundation.. 
- it comes in a sleek glass bottle with a pump cap. 
- it is priced at rs.1000.
- it is a liquid base concealer so it is perfect for hiding dark circles as de eye area is vry soft n thick products should b avoided below de eye.

2) kryolan ceramide concealer palette.
- now u all must b knowing dat dis is an professional brand aftr reading my 1st review.
- as u all no these products r used by professional make up artist. So it is mostly used for photography .
- it comes in a 6 color palette. With light to dark shades n two neutralisers.
- neutraliser is a shade which is used for dead dark circles which cannot b hidden by juz a concealer.
- orange n yellow r two neutralisers in it. 
- it comes in a sleek metal box like a coloring palette.
- it's priced about rs.1010. 
- if u r buying it for personal use den besides two shades other shades might get wasted as u may not need them. 
- but yeah the coverage is awesome n heavy.. 
- it can hide any imperfection even a tattoo. Now imagine watta concealer it is.

3) Elizabeth Arden camouflage concealer.
- it is a liquid based concealer dat comes in a sleek tube with an applicator. This makes de application easy.
- it gives medium to heavy coverage.. 
- it's priced for around rs.1o70.. 
- but it is great for both dark circles n pimples as it can b build able.

4) Clinique even better concealer.
- it comes in a thick glass pot.
- gives u medium to heavy coverage n can b build able.
- as these r my top 5 so nothing is bad about them , it's juz about ur preference.
- it also hides imperfections perfectly n can give u a better result as it is hide n treat product.
- it hides dark circles while reducing them n other scars too.
- it's priced at rs.1600.

5) mac studio finish concealer.
- comes in a round pot. 
- priced at 980 per tiny pot.
- it's popular for hiding blemishes n scars.
- as it has thick creamy consistency . It hides pimples but can b cakey for under eye circles.


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